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About Me

I'm a biologist and a hobbyist programmer. I'm passionate about bioinformatics, biogerontology (aging science), transhumanism, and writing bad "About Me" blurbs.

I'm all over the internet, so you can find me on tumblr, twitter, google+ (lol), or facebook. Or just shoot me an email.


Weekend Project: Reddit AMA Bot

Pictured above: The Inspiration The Inspiration Reddit user /u/Insanimate made this hotsauce packet painting and posted it on /r/pics. The president of TacoBell-or whoever runs their social media accounts-then showed up in the post and asked how they could buy one. Nobody noticed. The painting was posted over a year ago, yet the […] Read more»

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Runescape Market Analysis (Part 2): Analyzing the Data

This is part 2 of a 3 part series on my attempt to accurately predict future prices of items on the Runescape Grand Exchange. Part 1 – Gathering the Data And in case you didn’t see it in part 1, here’s the end result of this entire endeavor: A twitter […] Read more»

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Runescape Market Analysis (Part 1): Gathering the Data

I have a soft spot in my heart for Runescape. I spent a lot of time in my Junior High’s computer lab casting steely glances around the room as my friends and I endeavored to play without the teacher seeing what we were up to instead of practicing our touch typing […] Read more»


Employment fears in the post-scarcity age.

Are we the luddites of the future?   Technology is replacing many forms of human labor, and will continue to do so Technology will eventually replace all human labor. Eventually there will be no more jobs for humans.   These premises are the basic form of the Luddite Fallacy, also known […] Read more»

New Site!

Woah! Everything looks different! If you’re a returning visitor, you’ll notice that the site has been migrated over to WordPress. WordPress gives a larger amount of freedom to determine what is posted and how it is formatted. If you’re a new visitor, stay tuned for posts both old and new! Posts […] Read more»